Keystone Energy Solar Panel Installers

Keystone Energy Solar Services, a commercial solar panel installer, serves the entire east coast of the United States. We have completed jobs from Cape Cod to Florida and everywhere in between. Keystone Solar Energy specializes in designing and installing Photovoltaic solar panel systems. Green Power reduces our carbon footprint and creates a greener planet. Learn how solar energy can positively affect your budget and how our solar products help the environment. Our work speaks for itself. Look at some of our recent projects.


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A Rifkin

$16,000 in savings

Payne Printing

$7,000 in savings per

Friedman Electric

$4,500 in savings per

Intermountain Medical

$4,500 in savings per

Learn About Solar Power

Keystone Energy is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help our state reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and

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