Keystone Energy is proud to be a leader in offering Solar Panel installation.

We have recently completed 25Kwh – 50Kwh and 100Kwh roof and ground installations that are available for your review. Every system we install is custom designed for your specific needs and installation requirements. So whether it is a 200Kwh system mounted on your roof, or a 25Kwh ground mounted Solar field, Keystone Energy Solar Services brings years of Photovoltaic solar panel installation expertise to insure your satisfaction.

Please click on the images to see in depth photos of some of our commercial applications.

Our past experience as progressive thinkers in the building industry led us into the Solar Industry, it was only a matter of time. This has aided in maintaining our place as the “Green” leader in our industry. With the assistance of our business partners: Pearl Street Consulting, and Energy Star, we utilize state of the art software technology. In turn, our extensive training includes energy rating certification, green building design certification, as well as solar energy system design and installation certification. Specializing in photovoltaic (PV,electric) systems, Keystone Energy Solar Systems and its partners have current installations that generate over half a megawatt* of power per day and another megawatt worth of power per day is slated for completion this year. With a dedicated team of professionals, Keystone Energy has the experience to let the sun shine on your project.

And, the sun never raises it’s prices.

*Megawatt – 1000 Kilowatts/1,000,000 watts = The power consumed a year by 40 average U.S. homes.

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Keystone Energy is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help our state reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and

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