Frequently Asked Questions

Do Solar panels have to be installed on a roof?

Solar panel installation most often will be located on the South facing portion of a roof. However, if desired the panels can also be installed as a ground mounted system. This type of installation is required if system desired is too large to fit on roof, or Southern sky is obstructed. If you are concerned about the look of the panels on your roof, a ground mounted system is a perfect alternative.

How much space does the system need to be installed?

Photovoltaic panels require approximately 100 sq ft for a 1 Kwh system, 200 sq ft for a 2 Kwh system, 300 sq ft for a 3 Kwh system, and so on.

What is the most cost effective solar panel installation?

Solar panel arrays are well suited for placing on flat roofs of large buildings and the mounting of these panels can be performed a number of ways, roof penetrating and ballasted. The Ballasted Roof Mount System is the ideal solution for even the most challenging commercial flat roof applications. Plus ballasted systems increase efficiency of the building reducing cooling costs in hot weather.

Do Solar panels work in cold weather?

Today’s solar panels actually work better in colder weather. Excessive heat can actually lower the amount of electricity produced per panel.

Does the Northeast have enough sunshine for solar panels to work properly?

Yes, based on averages published by several Solar experts, Northeast Pennsylvania averages over 4 hours of sunshine per day. Also we have current clients who have surpassed the projected production averages.

What happens to Solar Panels when it snows?

Since Photovoltaic panels need sunshine to generate power, any covering will reduce the ability of the panels. Our estimates take average snow fall into account when determining size of system required as well as when estimating your return on your investment.

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