Commercial Projects

  • Intermountain Medical Project Details

    Intermountain Medical Savings: $4,000 annually Application: 110 roof mounted solar panels Facility: Dallas, PA InterMountain Medical Group is one of t...

  • Payne Printing Project Details

    Payne Printing Savings: $7,000 annually Application: 180 ground mounted solar modules Facility: Dallas, PA Family-owned and operated for over 75 years...

  • Friedman Electric Project Details

    Friedman Electric Installation: 132 roof mounted solar modules Savings: $4,500 annually Facility: Exeter, PA Friedman Electric is an electrical supply...

  • A Rifkin Project Details

    A Rifkin Production: 117,000 KW annually Savings: $16,000 annually Application: 230-watt Facility: 68,000 sq’ A. Rifkin Co., the leading manufac...

Residential Projects

  • Ground Panel Install

  • Patel Residence

  • Flack’s Ground Array

  • Knoebel Farm House

Learn About Solar Power

Keystone Energy is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help our state reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and

Featured Projects


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