Once cost prohibitive for the average homeowner, today’s Solar Panel systems offer greater opportunity for owners in the Northeast than ever before.

For over two decades we have concentrated attention on providing families throughout northeastern Pennsylvania a line of products and services which are energy efficient, maintenance-free, cost saving, and supportive of an improved life style. We are proud to include literally thousands of home owners from Hallstead to Pottsville and from Williamsport to Stroudsburg among our satisfied customers.

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The advent of the 21st century has seen energy costs spiraling at an almost dizzying pace. The demand for energy is compounded by the world’s population expansion. Sadly, most of this demand is being satisfied by fossil fuels which effectively soil our environment.

Fortunately, there are energy sources which are environmentally friendly, the sun in particular. Scientific advances have allowed for the development of state of the art techniques and products which allow us to harvest the sun’s rays. Of these, solar photovoltaic systems offer homeowners a specific opportunity to save money while caring for our environment.

Thanks to enlightened state and federal authorities, today’s systems offer greater opportunity than ever before.

Once installed, the system effects a substantial reduction in a user’s electric bill. The combined benefit, in a few short years, re-pays the homeowner or business for the purchase cost of the system.

After which, the user pockets the savings in his electric bill!

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Keystone Energy is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to help our state reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and

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